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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kellogg's Love Your Cereal Mom's Breakfast Club- Week 8

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Ah, the weekend.

Even though you still (usually) eat breakfast, the routine can be very different that the weekdays.

For us, there are phases where we don't have the same schedule twice.

Certain times of the year, some of us need to be up and out of the house by 6am on Saturday with sports, etc., while others of us may not need to be anywhere at all.

Therefore, unless it's a holiday or something, we usually have no set breakfast time. As a matter of fact, breakfast shifts can go on for hours on weekend mornings. Unfortunately, that sometimes results in the meals for the day getting really off schedule.

Dinner at 9, anyone?

(Yeah, we have to work on that, sometimes. But, hey, this is about breakfast, right?)

All of my kids, even the youngest, can fix (notice I said "can fix", and not "do fix", but,that's another story)their own breakfasts, so it's important to have something easy to prepare and that they like.

We keep several different kinds of cereal around, so that everyone can get something when they want it, and those that have to get up and out of the house can eat quickly, or even take it with them.

Yes, our weekend mornings can be wild, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.

OK, OK, I might trade one for some sleep, but you get my drift. Either way, though, I know everyone will have a decent breakfast on the weekend, even if it's at 5 different times.

Cereal can be a convenient and affordable part of a balanced, nutritious breakfast. Want to know more? Check out Kellogg's Love Your Cereal.

The contest

Enter for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card (that would buy a lot of cereal)

To enter, leave a comment below and tell us about your weekend breakfast routine.

Contest ends 5pm PST October 4, 2010.


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* You have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

Official rules

Be sure to check out the BlogHer.com Kellogg exclusive offers page for 24 other chances to win a $100 Visa Gift Card and be sure to come back here each week, I'm doing a giveaway for the next 5 weeks.

Mom’s Breakfast Club was started to help educate moms and families about kids’ cereal and share the scoop on their nutritional benefits and ingredients. To learn more about the program, visit www.loveyourcereal.com.


  • Well, my weekdays are usually so hectic breakfast is quick and easy. On the weekends, especially Saturday, I do Birds in a Nest for breakfast. It is a cute way to eat eggs and toast and only requires one pan. YEAH, so not to many dishes. It requires bread, butter, eggs and a small glass to cut a hole. Oh and did I say, ONE PAN! :)

    By Blogger Renee, At 1:23 PM, September 28, 2010  

  • Our weekend favorite is waffles, eggs, and juice! During the weekdays it’s usually something quick!


    By Blogger Nicole Greene, At 8:53 PM, September 28, 2010  

  • Tweeted http://twitter.com/pittsy82/status/25842035438


    By Blogger Nicole Greene, At 8:53 PM, September 28, 2010  

  • Saturdays are typically rush days... Either the princess has skating practice, or I have a skating lesson (shut up, it is not THAT funny), or something. So breakfast is usually, a corn muffin for the wife (gluten free), a bagel with garlic butter and strawberries for the princess where my breakfast is typically egg whites in a wrap.

    Sunday's are the production days. I prepare gluten free pancakes for the wife, and then either Pumpkin Pancakes or Mickey Mouse pancakes for me and the princess (her choice of course).

    By Anonymous JayMonster, At 9:47 PM, September 28, 2010  

  • Oh, we LOVE fRench Toast! Weekday mornings are usually busier. Weekend mornings start a bit later, and are usually more laid back. More time to cook...and enjoy :)

    By Blogger Just call me b, At 9:57 PM, September 28, 2010  

  • I added a post about this as well.


    By Anonymous JayMonster, At 10:01 PM, September 28, 2010  

  • Usually I try to make muffins... nothing fancy but something that does take a little more time than I have on weekdays.

    By Blogger Robin M., At 3:04 PM, September 29, 2010  

  • We usually go out to eat on Sunday mornings--on the later side--Bob Evens has some stuffed pancakes that I love. On Saturday's everyone kind of does their own thing because we get up at different times. Sometimes do a later breakfast because we sleep late. My favorite is blueberry pancakes with lite sausage.

    By Blogger fostertam, At 4:10 PM, September 29, 2010  

  • http://twitter.com/fostertam/status/25917498580

    By Blogger fostertam, At 4:10 PM, September 29, 2010  

  • During the week it's pretty much the same, cereal or toast, muffin, something simple. On the weekend however we do like to make something bigger. Pancakes or homemade waffles are a favorite, so are what my kids like to call a farmhouse buffet. We make a big batch of scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, bacon and toast. Everything goes on the table at once and for some reason the kids really enjoy that! :) Thank you for hosting this giveaway, very nice of you :)

    By Blogger Amanda, At 7:45 PM, September 29, 2010  

  • On weekends mu hubby is in charge of cooking! We never know what is for breakfast or supper,lol.
    natatheangel at yahoo dot com

    By Anonymous Natalia, At 10:10 PM, September 29, 2010  

  • Omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes, yumm!
    jdrombo at yahoo dot com

    By Anonymous John, At 10:11 PM, September 29, 2010  

  • On the weekend, I go all out on breakfast. I make scrambled eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns and toast! Yum!


    By Blogger Suzy, At 2:20 AM, September 30, 2010  

  • Tweet


    By Blogger Suzy, At 2:22 AM, September 30, 2010  

  • We make crepes on the weekends! Yummo!
    charityd AT centurytel DOT net

    By Blogger Charity Donovan, At 11:08 AM, September 30, 2010  

  • http://twitter.com/tigergal01/status/26000716559


    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:41 PM, September 30, 2010  

  • My husband likes to make Saturday breakfast and I get to choose the menu…anything from blueberry pancakes to french toast or eggs!

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:41 PM, September 30, 2010  

  • I make a hot breakfast on the weekends. Usually pancakes. Sometimes biscuits. It would be better if someone else made it for me though.
    shutterboo at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Brooke, At 1:22 PM, September 30, 2010  

  • During the hectic week days there is no time to make a decent breakfast. So I’ll make biscuits & gravy, or Belgium waffles, or eggs, bacon, hash browns for big brunches. That is the only time we have time together to really sit down and enjoy spending time together as a family.

    By Blogger Tamara B., At 2:28 PM, September 30, 2010  

  • We usually sleep a little later on the weekends. I like to make something for breakfast and then eat it in bed - even if it is a bowl or cereal or peanut butter toast. I also love pancakes! If we leave early to run errands, we might stop at Einsten Bros. for a bagel or Chick-Fil-A for a chicken biscuit. Yum!

    By Blogger Mary Helen, At 2:39 PM, September 30, 2010  

  • Weekends are the only day of the week we take the time to sit down and enjoy breakfast together as a family. Too much commotion during the weekdays trying to get ready for school and work.

    By Blogger 3 Boys and an Old Lady, At 3:11 PM, September 30, 2010  

  • It's more of a brunch on Sundays. We all sleep late, then have a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns, oj, etc. And we all sit down to eat together!
    CalifKitties (AT) aol.com

    By Blogger Krissie, At 4:01 PM, September 30, 2010  

  • on weekends we sleep late and usually have a breakfast of cereal or oatmeal - sometimes we go to Mcdonalds for a bacon egg & cheese biscuit


    By Blogger ms-texas, At 7:54 PM, September 30, 2010  

  • tweet



    By Blogger ms-texas, At 7:55 PM, September 30, 2010  

  • On weekends I treat myself to the good coffee. :)

    By Blogger Susan C., At 9:30 PM, September 30, 2010  

  • A common theme in our weekend breakfast routine....relax and take your time! We love to lazy around and indulge in a big breakfast! No rushing around for us!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Henria O., At 1:20 AM, October 01, 2010  

  • I would say our family's favorite weekend breakfast is pancakes and bacon--maybe eggs, too! Thanks!
    kmassman gmail

    By Blogger Kelly Massman, At 10:28 AM, October 01, 2010  

  • My favorite weekend breakfast is bacon and eggs. On weekdays it’s a protein shake.

    scoopster(nospam)at yahoo dot com

    By Blogger Racingjourno, At 5:17 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • tweet

    scoopster(nospam)at yahoo dot com

    By Blogger Racingjourno, At 5:20 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • On weekends, the grandkids can get up when they want and pretty well have whatever they want for breakfast. Favs include soft oven cinnamon toast, blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit...

    By Blogger Betty N, At 5:50 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • tweet

    By Blogger Betty N, At 5:53 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • saturdays we are on the go early so we usually stop for a bagel..but sundays i try to make bacon and whatever else i can convince my lil guy to eat
    nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

    By Blogger jakiesmom, At 7:34 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • Weekend breakfast comes after coffee and waking up. Sometimes it involves french toast or blueberry pancakes. chainmail(at) iwon(dot)com

    By Blogger The Sunshyn, At 8:24 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • I tweeted

    By Blogger The Sunshyn, At 8:26 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • Week days and week end are not much different maybe a little slower. Walk the dog, scripture study, family prayer and breakfast. We get up early so we can be a family before the day begins.

    By Blogger sodahoney, At 10:14 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • tweet http://twitter.com/sodahoney/status/26141411479

    By Blogger sodahoney, At 10:15 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • tweeted http://twitter.com/tnshadylady/status/26146887678

    By Blogger Deb, At 11:37 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • blog post http://tnshadylady.blogspot.com/2010/10/another-great-blogher-giveaway.html

    By Blogger Deb, At 11:39 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • On weekends we like to have french toast or pancakes.


    By Blogger Deb K, At 11:59 PM, October 01, 2010  

  • Our weekday day breakfast is a bowl of cereal. Weekend we sleep in then have pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

    By Blogger floating, At 8:11 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • I let my boys pour ladles of batter on the griddle to help make our pancakes on Sunday mornings.

    By Blogger Deb, At 8:55 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • Our granddaughter is with us on the weekend, and she insists that her Grandpa make his special oatmeal with peaches or bananas.

    By Blogger marcia goss, At 9:40 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • Tweet.

    By Blogger marcia goss, At 9:41 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • Our weekend breakfast is less hectic and we also make more fun foods like chocolate chip pancakes :)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:11 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • Tweet:

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:12 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • Sunday morning is special in our house because Dad makes breakfast for all of us and he makes the best pancakes ever... :)

    deeandco3 at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Dee, At 11:07 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • Tweet: http://twitter.com/ATweetMom/status/26186918942

    deeandco3 at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Dee, At 11:08 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • Well I wish I could say every weekend I made breakfast but our weekends are nuts. Some times it could be oatmeal fruit casserole, or waffle or sometimes pankcakes. But I have to say most times it is just cereal and fruit.

    By Anonymous April K, At 11:33 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • We're a smoothie making family on Saturdays! I know the kids are going to be out playing and I'll be on the run with errands so I don't want to weigh us down with a big breakfast. One Sundays my youngest son has football right now so he eats a good breakfast earlier than everyone so he's ready to go by noon!

    By Blogger happyenchilada, At 11:51 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • Depends on the weekend....for example, this weekend, it was "short order cook dad" weekend. Scott got up, made one child french toast and bacon, one child scrambled eggs and bacon, and a visiting child cinnamon toast and cereal! HA! Glad I was out of the house!

    By Blogger Judy, At 11:51 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • tweeted: http://twitter.com/happyenchilada2/status/26190506515

    By Blogger happyenchilada, At 11:53 AM, October 02, 2010  

  • Mornings are always hectic for me but my husband is a "morning person" so he helps out a lot. We try to make breakfast a family thing as much as we can. On weekends we have more time- we usually do belgian waffles, cereal and fruit. Sometimes eggs and muffins too. Weekend breakfast time is best! Everybody helps make and clean up!

    By Anonymous olivia kim, At 12:15 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Before we moved to our current town, we usually went out for breakfast on the weekend. I love breakfast out. But all we have here is Cracker Barrel and while it is okay - everyone is there and I don't want to wait. So, weekend breakfasts look much like weekdays. Kids eat waffles or cereal or whatever and I call coffee breakfast.

    By Blogger Michelle Smiles, At 1:25 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Our breakfast routine ... we wake up and eat it if we want to!!! That simple!

    By Anonymous LesMills, At 1:56 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • We often do something a little more special. Waffles, biscuits and gravy, or muffins/bread on the weekends if I have time to bake it. Sunday mornings are often cinnamon rolls before church.

    By Blogger Southern jezeBelle, At 3:22 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • During the week we all have cereal because it's all we have time for. On the weekend we go all out with omelettes, toast, juice, and bacon. I make waffles and pancakes sometimes as well.

    By Blogger bukaeyes, At 4:16 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Weekend breakfasts are more relaxed. I get to linger over coffee and sometimes when all of the stars are alligned just right, the man of the house might even take care of making breakfast.

    By Blogger Tracy R, At 4:21 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Saturday is usually a rush, but Sunday often involves bacon and eggs, waffles and OJ!

    By Blogger LAMusing, At 4:55 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • I;m retired now, so weekdays and weekends are pretty much the same :)


    By Anonymous Norma, At 4:56 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Tweet! http://twitter.com/LAMusing/status/26210183376

    By Blogger LAMusing, At 4:57 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • I tweeted

    By Blogger Tracy R, At 5:08 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Weekends are more relaxed and I make eggs, bacon and pancakes or waffles.

    s2s2 at comcast dot net

    By Blogger susan1215, At 6:50 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • http://twitter.com/susan1215/status/26217281791

    By Blogger susan1215, At 6:50 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • We love Saturday breakfasts because that's when we're the most relaxed and can cook the nicest of meals.

    By Blogger Jayne, At 6:51 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Weekends my daughter and I like to experiment with different breakfast dishes. While I sometimes make the traditional pancakes or eggs and bacon, we sometimes find a recipe online and give it a whirl together. We've made some yummy breakfast casseroles and omelets with recipes we've found online. It also gives us a chance to talk and is teaching my 14 year old some great kitchen techniques too!

    shel704 at aol dot com

    By Blogger Shel, At 7:20 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Tweeted:

    shel704 at aol dot com

    By Blogger Shel, At 7:20 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • I start all my days with a smoothie. Fruits change, but basically the same drink because I like it.

    Thanks for the contest.

    By Blogger slehan, At 8:03 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • blogged: http://slehan.blogspot.com/2010/10/win-100-week-3.html

    By Blogger slehan, At 8:05 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • We usually make breakfast on Saturdays. My food of choice (to make & eat) is french toast with crispy bacon. Sometimes my husband makes pancakes or waffles with sausage (which I don't eat). I also don't like eggs, but sometimes I'll fry eggs or make a cream cheese omelet for everyone.

    By Blogger Lexiquin, At 8:13 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Tweet! http://twitter.com/#!/lexiquin/status/26223036203

    By Blogger Lexiquin, At 8:15 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • We sleep in and make a big breakfast! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:18 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • http://twitter.com/#!/DesMoinesDealin/status/26223286394 scg00387 at yahoo dot com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 8:18 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Our weekends are almost as busy as our week days since we have sporting activities. So, not much differs except that we try to treat ourselves once in awhile and we’ll get fresh donuts or make homemade pancakes.

    By Blogger Kerry, At 8:18 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • tweeted: http://twitter.com/KerryBishop/status/26223389101

    By Blogger Kerry, At 8:19 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • We sleep in on the weekends, get up and make omelettes or waffles and bacon on the weekends and eat in our jammies.

    By Blogger jillyrh, At 8:37 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Tweeted



    By Blogger jillyrh, At 8:39 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Saturday breakfasts are usually "country farmer breakfast," as I like to call it. Scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, biscuits, maybe gravy and grits. Sometimes fruit smoothies and hashbrowns, too.

    Sundays are chaotic because we're scurrying to get to church, so it's more like weekday mornings: cereal or frozen waffles.

    Saturdays are a special treat, though.

    By Blogger Mary @ The Writer's Block, At 11:12 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • Our weekend breakfasts consist of oatmeal, fruit, and bread--something quick and yummy!

    By Blogger S. C, At 11:34 PM, October 02, 2010  

  • weekend foods are guilty pleasures such as cinnamon rolls or pancakes with pancake! weekdays is healthier such as whole grain cereal with fruit or oatmeal :)

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Dee, At 12:16 AM, October 03, 2010  

  • tweeted! :) http://twitter.com/DeeGee13/status/26240167354

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Dee, At 12:16 AM, October 03, 2010  

  • weekend breakfasts are laid back...and I don't have to cook them! My hubby and our daughter cook...and I get to ask for my favorites!!

    By Blogger allysmama, At 2:31 AM, October 03, 2010  

  • tweet

    By Blogger allysmama, At 2:31 AM, October 03, 2010  

  • Weekend breakfast is always different, depending on what time everyone gets up and what everyone wants. I would say, we don't have a real routine other than my quiet time on Saturday morning before everyone moves. Love it!

    By Blogger gmissycat, At 8:20 AM, October 03, 2010  

  • Tweeted giveaway here!

    By Blogger gmissycat, At 8:20 AM, October 03, 2010  

  • My routine is get up late on Saturdays and then go out for breakfast.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 2:34 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • Often my husband makes breakfast on the weekends--usually from scratch but even if it's cereal, at least it's not my responsibility!
    whitbrit AT gmail DOT com

    By Blogger Terri, At 5:17 PM, October 03, 2010  


    By Blogger Angel Jacklyn, At 5:44 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • TWEET http://twitter.com/kytah00/status/26307811109 kytah00@yahoo.com

    By Blogger Angel Jacklyn, At 5:44 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • On the weekends, I will make dinosaur pancakes for the family. We also get up a little later than usual. If I could, I wouldn't wake up till noon!

    pauleyd68 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    By Blogger PauleyD, At 5:52 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • http://twitter.com/lpauld68/status/26308347728

    pauleyd68 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    By Blogger PauleyD, At 5:53 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • No special routine for the weekends we all get up at different times. So the kids go in and get what they want whether it be cereal, poptarts, waffles etc.

    By Blogger bdiane34, At 6:49 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • tweeted

    By Blogger bdiane34, At 6:50 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • We don't really have a routine. People stumble out of bed whenever they're ready and when it seems like there are enough people up to make it worth cooking for, we make pancakes. Any sleepyheads get to get the batter out of the fridge and make their own once the rest of us are done.

    bsw529 at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Barbarawr, At 7:05 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • I tweeted http://twitter.com/bsw529/status/26314304791

    By Blogger Barbarawr, At 7:07 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • I would be lying if I said we had a weekend routine of any kind. Well, except most weekends we practice our lazy.

    When one of us gets around to it we make either pancakes, eggs, or orange rolls most weekends. Sometimes I go all out and do migas or breakfast tacos with all the fixings.

    By Blogger Tammigirl, At 9:03 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • We love to eat homemade breakfast sandwiches on the weekend - Toasted/buttered english muffin, eggs scrambled with some roasted garlic and a nice slice of sharp cheddar. Don't forget the coffee!!!
    kkondek at gmail.com

    By Blogger Katie, At 10:16 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • Tweet! http://twitter.com/ktkatherine/status/26329022003
    kkondek at gmail.com

    By Blogger Katie, At 10:16 PM, October 03, 2010  

  • We really don't have a weekend routine. We don't have any children at home any more and we work conflicting schedules so it's pretty much grab whatever is handy and get moving.

    By Blogger Betty C, At 1:40 AM, October 04, 2010  

  • Some Saturdays Mr. F will get up and fix a big breakfast. This weekend little F actually got up early and went downstairs on his own and fixed Froot Loops and turned on the television. That may be the best milestone ever.

    By Anonymous Flossip, At 11:10 AM, October 04, 2010  

  • http://twitter.com/willitara/status/26381831140

    By Blogger Betty C, At 12:26 PM, October 04, 2010  

  • i love to make strawberry pancake and we get to spend more time together

    purple_lover_04 at msn dot com

    By Blogger purplelover04, At 3:40 PM, October 04, 2010  

  • http://twitter.com/#!/purplelover04/status/26393798204

    purple_lover_04 at msn dot com

    By Blogger purplelover04, At 3:42 PM, October 04, 2010  

  • On Sundays I like to make bacon, eggs, and toast.

    By Blogger Donna, At 7:44 PM, October 04, 2010  

  • I tweeted: http://twitter.com/donnak4/status/26411538345

    By Blogger Donna, At 7:45 PM, October 04, 2010  

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