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Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Ordinary Family

This is sponsored content from BlogHer and ABC's No Ordinary Family.

What if your family had super powers? You'd be the talk of the neighborhood, that's for sure.

I've often thought of that since the popularity of the movie The Incredibles, as our family is the same configuration as theirs (Dad, Mom, Older daughter and son, young son).

In ABC's new sci-fi drama, (has sound) No Ordinary Family, the Powell family is stuck in a rut with one another. When they decide to go on vacation, each family member emerges from a plane crash with a super power: super speed, super strength, mental telepathy and super intelligence.

Though my family is already extraordinary, my kids are polite and kind, and my husband works hard and is a great father, it might be interesting to kick it up a notch.

If I had super speed like Stephanie Powell from the show, there's no telling what I'd be able to accomplish. I'd like to say I'd do something noble with that power, you know, work at 3 charities simultaneously, or something.

But, truth is?

That talent would probably be used to capacity just to keep up with the laundry and make dinner. Just think, I could fold clothes AND put them away! The kids could have dinner every night! Kidding. Mostly.

I suppose it might also come in handy for those days that all the kids have different activities in different places, I could get to each place on time. However, once word got out, everyone would be asking me to give their kids "rides", too, and I just know the extra weight would slow me down.

I wonder if super speed would qualify me for a 1 day work week?

What would you and your family do with super powers like the Powell's?

Be sure to catch the ABC Red Carpet Premier of No Ordinary Family on Tuesday, September 28, 2010!

Don't forget to check out the No Ordinary Family Facebook page for on-going updates, plus behind-the-scenes information, and visit the BlogHer.com special offers page to see what the other reviewers would do with their super powers!


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