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Monday, August 02, 2010

Not-so smoothie - Win a $150 Visa Gift Card from The Laughing Cow

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Adding healthy stuff like vegetable puree to kids' meals hoping it goes undetected, is a popular concept to get a little more nutrition in them.

I'm not very good at it.

The Internet is rife with people extolling the virtues of smoothies. More specifically, smoothies made supersonically healthy by putting spinach in them.

Spinach? Yeah, that's what I thought, too, but people swear you can't taste it.

I like to think I'm open to new things, and there's no doubt I need to eat more vegetables, so I thought, "Why not give it a try?" I mean, if it's good enough for the Internet, it's good enough for me.

Internet? You lied. My beloved strawberry-banana smoothies were green, slightly earthy and had stems.

What? You're supposed to use baby spinach? Take out stems? Use less? Uh...

So, I either need a new recipe, a new blender, or I just need to grow up.

Have you had any funny food mishaps in your quest to eat more healthfully?

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  • Yesterday my husband tried making a smoothie but he didn't put the lid on the blender tightly enough and the contents squirted all over the kitchen counter. It was a pretty funny sight.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Mami2jcn, At 8:40 AM, August 17, 2010  


    By Blogger Angel Jacklyn, At 2:45 PM, August 18, 2010  

  • TWEET https://twitter.com/kytah00/status/21518449864 kytah00@yahoo.com

    By Blogger Angel Jacklyn, At 3:35 PM, August 18, 2010  

  • Actually I had quite a lot of mishaps on my quest to a healthier lifestyle.
    For two weeks straight , I used sugar with my oatmeal , instead of Honey. Clumsy me... I bought the Honey and never opened nor used it for two weeks.


    By Blogger Kr4zi, At 5:06 PM, August 19, 2010  

  • I thought it would be healthier if I ate more vegetables....well, it is if you don't saute' them in butter and add butter and cheese to them....ugh!

    By Blogger jillyrh, At 9:22 PM, August 19, 2010  

  • well this is my sister's story, but i have permission to use it. When she was learning to bake, she couldnt tell the difference betwen salt and sugar, so she added 1.5 cups of salt instead of 1.5 cups of sugar to a cookie recipe, and needless to say they were NOT edible!

    By Blogger ShoppingChic2, At 10:54 AM, August 20, 2010  

  • My husband works in education and his kids were coloring pictures of themselves, and this one little boy walked up with a picture that was only half done, so my husband asked the kid, why didn't you color the boy in the picture in? He's blank, and the boy replied "I can't find the caucasian marker" We thought it was cute :)

    Mjf926 at mail dot com

    By Anonymous Melinda, At 10:59 AM, August 20, 2010  

  • Email: bluegirl1423@gmail.com

    Comment: My story consists of a cat that likes water and a toilet. Our cats usually jump up onthe toilet lid to get to the sink for some water, but I dont think they realized that we have to put the lid down before they can jump up, and one day our little boy kitten jumped up, not thinking,and in he went . . . so we had to wash him off, as we hadn't flushed yet :-/

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 11:04 AM, August 20, 2010  

  • Here is a "funny" story, but more like frustrating:
    Our brand new Amana dishwasher broke 10 months after we got it, so we had one ocmpany out, then another company out to fix it, only to find out the part we needed was backordered for 2 months, so they decided to replace it, so we waited 3 weeks for that to come in, and when they came to deliver it, we found out it wouldn't fit . . . so now it's been 3 months and we are still without a dishwasher . . . funny, isnt it? :-P

    seanm1999 at hotmail dot com

    By Anonymous sean, At 11:15 AM, August 20, 2010  

  • tweeted

    By Blogger ShoppingChic2, At 11:30 AM, August 20, 2010  

  • I have had mishaps with making smoothies, but unfortunately they involve not putting the lid on tight and then having smoothie sprayed all over myself and the kitchen! You would think that would only happen once and I would learn my lesson...nope.
    winnieayala at yahoo dot com

    By Blogger Amanda, At 10:36 PM, August 20, 2010  

  • My idea of a smoothie includes fresh fruit. The teens' idea of a smoothie? Ice cream and cereal in the blender. Husband's idea of a smoothie? Drive-thru.

    cathy at domesticpsychology dot com

    By Anonymous Cathy McCaughan, At 12:01 PM, August 21, 2010  

  • This morning, I went to our local farmer's market and tried Indian food for the first time. It was this tortilla-bread thing with spinach on the inside. What I WASN'T expecting was the strong CURRY attached to said spinach. Too bad the dude behind the table wasn't selling water, too! I couldn't even talk to him because my lips were on fire!

    By Blogger Judy, At 12:22 PM, August 21, 2010  

  • I was in a rush last year to get one of my boys' birthday party goings-on done, and I actually attempted multi-tasking. Who knew that cayenne pepper and cinnamon look so similar? Um, we do now! There's nothing like biting into what you THINK will be a cinnamon spice cake only to find yourself doing the cayenne dance!

    By Blogger Judy, At 12:24 PM, August 21, 2010  

  • My son loves laughing cow cheese...and always asks for 'cheese balls' in his lunch. The humor is not lost on him either.

    By Blogger Headless Mom, At 12:52 PM, August 21, 2010  

  • It wasn't funny at the time but I actually once blew up the stove. Now it wasn;t like it totally blew up but I was cooking pasta and the water spilled on the flat top. This stove was old so the water leaked into where the heating elements are and it sizzled and popped and ons of black smoke came out. Luckily the breaker turned off and besides some smoke & the fire alarm going off, it was fine. The alarm company called and checked onme and I said, it;s fine. Nothing is going on. THey sent the fire dept anyway. So 2 fire trucks show up with about 10 firemen. The problem, I am in my jammies with my hair up like Pebbles Flintstones and I look like heck. They all came in, checked everything out and left. When I looked out the whole neighborhood was out. It was enarrasing but now funny!

    By Blogger Carolyn G, At 5:01 PM, August 21, 2010  

  • blogged here: http://theartofrandomwillynillyness.blogspot.com/2010/08/blogher-contests.html

    By Blogger Carolyn G, At 5:01 PM, August 21, 2010  

  • I was running between volleyball game and football practice on my way to meet the teacher night. I took the short cut down the side of the football field and didn't notice the MUDDY MUD MUD that I ran through. And squished mud all the way over the tops of my feet. Ick.

    And also - very NOT funny that I dropped a lava lamp on my kitchen floor today. Erg.

    By Blogger angie128, At 7:11 PM, August 21, 2010  

  • I absolutely always forget to read the packages for calories and fat grams which means that even though I am trying to eat better I fall off the diet wagon more than stay on. I also tend to sneak snacks in the dark kitchen so I don't wake the kids or maybe because I don't want to share. I once put bottled blue cheese salad dressing on my ice cream in the dark--grabbed the wrong bottle.

    bookcat1010 at gmail dot com

    By Anonymous butterscotch-bear, At 5:30 AM, August 22, 2010  

  • This isn't funny so much, but I have been wanting to make a South Beach recipe meatloaf for a month now. Every time I'd tell my family that I was going to make it, I'd find that I didn't have one ingredient that I needed or I didn't have the right size pan. I am FINALLY making it today. And I'm making three of them so I can freeze two so I don't have to go through this again in the near future!

    By Blogger Tonya, At 4:35 PM, August 22, 2010  

  • This story would keep a laughing cow laughing...

    I thought I'd serve a healthy plate of cheese and crackers, with grapes and melon cut into small pieces...it seemed to be a great idea..., until, as I prepared it (and our guests said they looked forward to this snack, chatting in the living room)....our cat jumped up and grabbed the piece of cheese and ran throought the living room...how could I serve more cheese after that?!

    It became a dear joke after some time passed, about our cheese-cat!


    By Anonymous Elsie, At 9:22 PM, August 22, 2010  

  • Not health-related, but food-related...

    Getting married.
    On new birth control.
    Burned a pot of chicken and dumplings I was making for my roommates.
    Meltdown! Meltdown!
    Literally checked myself into town B&B for the night.
    Called dr.
    Got new prescription.
    All better!

    elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

    By Anonymous Elizabeth Turner, At 9:49 PM, August 22, 2010  

  • I have a tendency to burn anything I'm making and constantly set off the smoke detector when I'm cooking. My husband, children and I went to a restaurant for dinner and as we sat there, someone's pager went off across the restaurant and it sounded just like our smoke detector. My son turned to my husband and said "That sound means dinner's ready at home!"

    shel704 at aol dot com

    By Blogger Shel, At 11:03 PM, August 22, 2010  

  • Tweeted:

    shel704 at aol dot com

    By Blogger Shel, At 11:05 PM, August 22, 2010  

  • I've added salt instead of sugar before in a recipe. Tasted horrible but the faces my family made were pretty funny.

    By Blogger jenspurg, At 8:36 AM, August 23, 2010  

  • Today, my newly potty-trained 2 year old son, went poop on the potty. He was sooooo proud. So, when the trash truck came today, he went outside and SCREAMED across the street "GUESS who did a GIGANTIC poop in the potty???!"

    Oh yes. He did.

    By Blogger Kim, At 12:49 PM, August 23, 2010  

  • yes actually when i was younger i was doing weight watchers and they told me how many points i could eat a day! well i heard the woman wrong and ended up eating ACTUALLY DOUBLE of what I WAS SUPPOSED to eat every day! no Wonder EVERY WAY IN I WAS GAINING AND NOT LOOSING WEIGHT! AHHH MY LIFE!

    By Anonymous andrea d, At 1:06 PM, August 23, 2010  

  • When I was in 7th grade my Mother and I were making a Genoise Cake for my French class. It was the first time I had ever seen baking chocolate. And at 12 years old you'd think I'd get the clue when my Mother said NOT to taste it because it's not sweet. Well, I didn't listen. I took a HUGE bite of it. It was awful! The most horrible taste ever. After drinking a few glasses of milk and brushing my teeth twice I finally got the taste out of my mouth and the chocolate out of my teeth. I learned never to do that again and to always listen to my Mom. Thanks so much for a chance.
    tibbsx5 at yahoo dot com

    By Blogger Momma Monkey, At 3:13 PM, August 23, 2010  

  • I was going to tell you the story of how I messed up the first time I made gravy, but it is a long story and no one really wants to read it all. Let's just say it wasn't pretty (or tasty).

    By Blogger sherrypg, At 3:45 PM, August 23, 2010  

  • I do make the smoothies with spinach and strawberries (blueberries to cover the green). I feel better about at least getting SOME veggies in my kids. The other day the blender wasn't doing so hot so in my INFINITE wisdom I stuck a steak knife in the blender. (Yes, while it was blending.) Needless to say I am lucky to have all of my fingers but the blender is shot to heck and back now! I really need a new one!

    By Blogger The Flossip, At 3:56 PM, August 23, 2010  

  • I spent an entire weekend making homemade baby food only to find that every time I tried to feed it to my baby she gagged and threw up.

    By Blogger Michelle Smiles, At 5:12 PM, August 23, 2010  

  • On my first day at a new job I needed some chapstick really bad and "found" some on a coworkers desk. I used it (liberally) and "borrowed" it for use later. Turns out it was mood lipstick and I had dark red lipstick from ear to ear for 2 hours till I noticed it in the bathroom!

    By Blogger Nell, At 8:27 PM, August 23, 2010  

  • I've been trying to eat healthier, although I have to admit I haven't found much humor in it yet.

    When I was a kid my mom was making ice cream out of snow. She put the snow and an egg (and whatever else?) in the blender and turned it on high. Without the lid. Egg and snow stuck to the ceiling. I thought it was pretty funny.

    By Blogger Tammigirl, At 10:20 PM, August 23, 2010  

  • Our 2 year old son is catching on to our "creativity" in the kitchen in our efforts healthy foods. The kid loves his sushi and was really surprised at the flavor he created when he took a bite of his mango sushi sandwich. fun.mom.cher at gmail dot com

    By Blogger fun, At 10:52 PM, August 23, 2010  

  • Love baking and enjoy having my girls join me. There's nothing funnier than seeing my 2 year old with chocolate icing or brownie batter all over face and grinning ear to ear!

    By Blogger jenspurg, At 8:59 AM, August 24, 2010  

  • What's worse than finding a worm in the apple you're eating? Finding half a worm and I have done that, Yuk!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:54 PM, August 24, 2010  

  • I started using "Ultragrain" flour to replace white flour in all my recipes. Supposedly you can't tell the difference at all! Um, my brick of a birthday cakes disagrees.
    katiekarr at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Katie, At 9:44 PM, August 25, 2010  

  • Well I tried making making mash potatoes from scratch and I didn't finish boiling the potatoes so they we're not really that edible
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Tabathia, At 10:35 AM, August 27, 2010  

  • tweet
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Tabathia, At 10:36 AM, August 27, 2010  

  • I'm not much of a cook, joke is can't even boil water. I once forgot about the tea kettle (giving up coffee and saoda) and all the water boiled and turned my pretty steel kettle all black!

    By Blogger CindyWindy2003, At 11:24 AM, August 27, 2010  

  • http://twitter.com/carafferty/status/22279787730

    By Blogger CindyWindy2003, At 11:25 AM, August 27, 2010  

  • Hmmm. Something funny: Did you know that too much of some of these healthful oils and seeds you can add to your smoothies can give you diarrhea if you get too much? Yeah. Me neither.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:12 AM, August 28, 2010  

  • Tweeted: http://twitter.com/Getalonghome/status/22355721235

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:13 AM, August 28, 2010  

  • i tried to add more fiber to my diet and was passing more gas than I intended to ever in my life!

    hockiemack at hotmail.com

    By Blogger Roxy, At 2:50 PM, August 28, 2010  

  • tweeted!


    hockiemack at hotmail.com

    By Blogger Roxy, At 2:51 PM, August 28, 2010  

  • The other day I tried to make whole wheat cinnamon rolls...
    And let the dough rise... and rise... and rise...

    And soon my kitchen was overtaken with lovely healthy dough ;)

    By Blogger Ames, At 2:51 PM, August 28, 2010  

  • When I was younger, my friend (a boy mind you) and I would cut up bread and put chocolate on it and sprinkles and give it to the rest of the kids my mom babysat. we loved setting up "shop." or being random. I guess it's not REALLY funny, but it's a cute funny in a way thinking back. and I find the food choice amusing.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

    By Blogger Shooting Stars Mag, At 3:52 PM, August 28, 2010  

  • I once made a pan of brownies and ate so many, I decided I had to eat the rest to hide the evidence. A few weeks later, I mentioned that I put some cinnamon in some brownies I made, my husband said "what brownies"--I was caught in my own little web!

    By Blogger Kelly Massman, At 8:19 AM, August 31, 2010  

  • I thought my workout top was a full top but it was only a sports bra so I had my flabby belly out there for everyone to see.

    By Anonymous monica, At 9:11 AM, September 01, 2010  

  • Thanks Very good

    By Anonymous Sohbet, At 2:50 AM, September 02, 2010  

  • Not a “real” cooking story, but so very funny. My husband had to dig up a pipe in the backyard to fix it. When he was done, he was going to seed it over, but the boys loved to dig in the dirt, so we decided to leave it for them to play in. A few weeks ago – the day after a rain – they went outside to play and I was getting dinner ready, doing chores, etc. I could hear them, but was so surprised after almost an hour that there was no fighting, yelling, crying, etc. I was thinking to myself, boy, they are getting along so nicely, I have such good boys maybe we can go out for ice cream after dinner as a treat. I stepped outside to compliment them on their behavior, and this is what I was greeted with


    I must have said something like “What possessed you?” and my youngest (the one covered from head to toe) said “I was making mud pies for dinner, but the recipe went all wrong!” I could not do anything but laugh, but needless to say, the area was seeded by the weekend!

    By Blogger Deb, At 7:05 PM, September 02, 2010  

  • tweeted


    By Blogger Deb, At 7:08 PM, September 02, 2010  

  • I wanted to fry some fish recently and was out of breading for it. I looked in my freezer and found what I thought was some flour breading from the last time I had fried fish. Not exactly - it was powdered sugar left over from Christmas cookie baking. Luckily I figured this out before I started frying them.

    By Blogger Kerry, At 1:46 PM, September 03, 2010  

  • tweeted: http://twitter.com/KerryBishop/status/22912328208

    By Blogger Kerry, At 2:01 PM, September 03, 2010  

  • Hmm, does sending my husband to the store to get some "fancy lettuce" but he comes home with a head of cabbage count?

    yeah, I wasn't amused either.

    By Blogger Caroline, At 2:11 PM, September 03, 2010  

  • I love to make bread from scratch and I put great care into what I feed our family.

    Imagine what a warm and tender moment it was on Monday when my son came home and grumbled, "Jacob Foster's mom gives HIM Spaghettios in HIS lunch box thermos!"

    By Anonymous Renata Bowers, At 8:34 PM, September 03, 2010  

  • I love to make bread from scratch and I put great care into what I feed our family.

    Imagine what a warm and tender moment it was on Monday when my son came home and grumbled, "Jacob Foster's mom gives HIM Spaghettios in HIS lunch box thermos!"

    By Anonymous Renata Bowers, At 8:34 PM, September 03, 2010  

  • One time, I made a pot of spaghetti with my grandma. She had a can of dog food on the flat top stove and it overheated and exploded...we can assume, there were "bits" (or kibbles maybe) in the sauce. When I suggested throwing it out, my grandma just smiled and fed it to the (unaware) family anyway.

    I didn't eat that night ;)

    By Blogger Kacie, At 2:00 PM, September 04, 2010  

  • Tweeted http://twitter.com/givekaciestuff/status/22997969716

    By Blogger Kacie, At 2:02 PM, September 04, 2010  

  • Was blessed with an old-world grandmother. Although she didn’t teach me how to cook, I had an expectation of a high level of home cooking.

    When I went to college some young women tried to impress me with a “home cooked meal.” Well, they (the dinners) were disasters.

    I learned to feed myself, simple meals, likely solely by osmosis.

    The young women would throw up their hands, as if in surrender, and I had to do the cooking.

    scoopster(nospam)at yahoo dot com

    By Blogger Racingjourno, At 9:04 AM, September 05, 2010  

  • I was supposed to make deviled eggs for a party, so I put the eggs on to boil and sat down at my computer. I became engrossed in what I was doing and forgot about the eggs...until I heard a small explosion in the kitchen. All the water had boiled out of the eggs and the eggs had gotten so hot, the yolks were exploding out of the eggs and shooting across the room! I'll never live that down!!

    By Blogger bleatham, At 4:23 PM, September 06, 2010  

  • tweet

    By Blogger bleatham, At 4:32 PM, September 06, 2010  

  • my favorite snack is chips and fresh salsa, so i find myself making fresh salsa almost everyweek. i like it a little spicy, but a friend of mine likes it hot hot hot so i decided to put some habenero peppers in. a few hours later before i went out i put my contacts in, i was fine at 1st but after a few seconds my eyes were pretty much swollen shut b/c i opted not to wear gloves when i cut the peppers! wow...that was pain! needless to say, i couldnt go out that night!

    By Blogger misscaseylee, At 10:01 PM, September 06, 2010  

  • Okay so a few months ago my husband wanted to make Chicken Parmesan. We got working on it and when I reached for a can of tomatoes I accidentally grabbed one that had Mexican seasonings in it. Needless to say our Italian dish ended up being a MIX OF CULTURES and NOT in a good way! Blech! Still makes me gag to think about. The next time we made it we made sure to use the correct tomatoes and it came out wonderfully!

    By Blogger Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome, At 2:01 PM, September 07, 2010  

  • I was making cookies just the other day. My kids were helping me. I cracked the eggs into the mixer bowl. I must have been tired as the WHOLE shell fell in with the eggs. Before I could stop them, my kids turned the mixer on! Laughing the whole time as they watched the beater break the shell into thousands of tiny pieces! We had egg shell cookies instead of chocolate chip cookies!

    By Blogger Dolphin Girl, At 6:19 PM, September 07, 2010  

  • http://twitter.com/kdolphins7/status/23861671435

    By Blogger Dolphin Girl, At 6:20 PM, September 07, 2010  

  • When I was much younger, I tried to make Snickerdoodles by myself. Only I couldn't figure out why you would put cream of tartar in them - I thought it was the same as tartar sauce- so I left it out. Those were some mighty FLAT cookies but my dad lovingly ate every single one of them :)

    By Blogger Navhelowife, At 2:48 PM, September 08, 2010  

  • I have a funny one from way back. Okay, so I'd been trying to eat more veggies & I had asked my mom if it was okay if I could eat some of the ones that she had bought earlier. She was like "Help yourself!" So I looked around in the fridge and I'd seen her cook zucchini before & it smelled amazing so I grabbed what I thought was a zucchini, cleaned it up, chopped it up and cooked it. Then when I was eating I was like "This doesn't taste so great." I didn't finish it & tossed it. I asked my mom the next day "What was wrong with that zucchini you bought? Did I not cook it right or something?" She was like "What zucchini? You mean the cucumber???" So yeah, I cooked and ate a cucumber and it was gross.

    By Blogger Deanna G., At 1:10 AM, September 11, 2010  

  • Tweeted the giveaway:


    By Blogger Deanna G., At 1:11 AM, September 11, 2010  

  • I like hummus-so I thought I would make it for my family.....well I ended up having hummus for the next few days because my family gave it a thumbs down


    By Blogger Julie, At 11:11 AM, September 11, 2010  

  • One time I was making a tofu stir fry dish and it seemed to watery. So I put in what I thought was cornstarch. When we sat down to eat, I realized that I had put in baking soda by accident. It was so terrible, we couldn't even eat it.


    By Blogger pinkveganmiso, At 11:45 AM, September 11, 2010  

  • I'm trying to get my kids to drink more water. Over a month ago my daughter opened a jug of water, poured some in a glass and then protested to drink it. I was saying drink it because it's good for you. She told me to drink it...that's when i realized it smelled like plastic VERY strongly. There was no way that this was good. I called the company & they sent me a refund for the jug and were to send a container to put a small amount of the water in so then I could mail it to them for testing....however the container and mailer never arrived. I take it they're not as concerned over it as we initially thought? They said it's normal sometimes for the plastic to "leak" into the water and this to happen since it's recycled plastic. My kids now are asking how water can be healthy now due to this happening.

    By Blogger jennifer57, At 2:20 PM, September 11, 2010  

  • I just started cooking a couple of years ago (at age 62). I was gifted a turkey for Thanksgiving so decided I would figure out how to cook it. I researched and had all my instructions. After I prepped the bird and put it in the oven, I was very proud. What I didn't realize for a few hours was there were 2 packs (neck, gizzard, etc.) inside the bird and I had only removed one of them.

    ewhatley at embarqmail dot com

    By Blogger ewhatley, At 5:08 PM, September 11, 2010  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger bukaeyes, At 8:21 PM, September 11, 2010  

  • One day a friend and I were eating lunch together. She happened to have pizza and I can't remember what I was eating. Anyway, during the course of our lunch we were talking and laughing. At one point, my friend laughed so hard that her bite of pizza flew out of her mouth and landing on my clothing!
    sazzyfrazz t gmail dot com

    By Blogger Henria O., At 8:22 PM, September 11, 2010  

  • Recently we stopped buying chocolate milk because I learned of how much sugar is added. My 5 year old son exclaimed to my 8 month old daughter that she can only have white milk when she gets older- chocolate milk is BAAAAAAD! it was too cute.


    By Blogger bukaeyes, At 8:23 PM, September 11, 2010  

  • I pureed a bunch of veggies and added them to our usual pasta sauce. My DD took one bite and gave me this *look* then said "Mama, this is not our regular sauce. It's okay, I'll eat it, but next time please warn me when you change our regular stuff" she's 4, the cheeky monkey!

    By Anonymous LeeAnn P., At 9:10 PM, September 11, 2010  

  • i stored some natural organic soap in my fridge and my dad took a bite out of it thinking it was brown bread- lol
    rmartinclarke at gmail dot com

    By Blogger Smarti, At 12:03 AM, September 12, 2010  

  • I thought I was being slick by hiding vegetables in the dinner. When we all sat down, my son yelled out "nobody eat... mommy hid the hedgetables in our food!!"


    By Blogger Stefany, At 1:17 AM, September 12, 2010  

  • tweet

    By Blogger Stefany, At 1:19 AM, September 12, 2010  

  • I was cooking my first thanksgiving dinner and I was around 19 teen. I cooked the turkey but did not tke the inside packlet out. I thought it was ready to go in the oven. Luckly it was only my mom and dad, boyfriend. It was a wonder he still married me after he found I could not cook:))

    By Blogger Life Is A SandCastle, At 9:50 AM, September 12, 2010  

  • I try eating healthier by adding oatmeal to my breakfast routine. But for a while I was buying the sweetened/flavored ones...way too much artificial stuff and sugars. Now I sweeten the plain myself! Contact info on my blog, thanks!

    By Blogger Viva, At 10:12 AM, September 12, 2010  

  • I have a funny story. I told my daughter that I could change the color on tv. We watched the Wizard of Oz and I told her I would change the color after Dorothy’s house crashed in the tornado. Her eyes opened up wide, and she was like, “Wow, Daddy, you were right!”

    pauleyd68 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    By Blogger PauleyD, At 10:57 AM, September 12, 2010  

  • http://twitter.com/lpauld68/status/24294661487

    pauleyd68 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    By Blogger PauleyD, At 10:58 AM, September 12, 2010  

  • Under the theme of hiding nutritious stuff in "regular" food, I still will give my toddler pureed baby food by calling it a "smoothie" and putting a straw in it. He's a texture junkie, so this is how I win the veggie battle with him.

    Also ditto to @Angel- Rutgers Univ has food trucks and the "Fat Cat" is a popular 1AM treat. Funny when the cook yells out "Who ordered the Fat Cat with a Diet Coke?" Wasn't me!

    judychrz at gmail.com

    By Anonymous Judy B, At 12:06 PM, September 12, 2010  

  • I am a horrible cook. I like to make simple things like rice. Well the other night i decided to make some popcorm to snack on, i havent made it in months, and somehow i managed to think it takes 4 minutes to pop. Needless to say my night was spent trying to fan out the smoke and burnt popcorn smell. Since then i switched to making Jello as my night snack.


    By Blogger Mommy PR, At 12:29 PM, September 12, 2010  

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