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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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When fitness attacks

We've tried to help our kids stay active and be physically fit. They all play sports and enjoy outdoor activities, so I'm glad we don't have to fuss at them to get out there and do something.

My daughter plays a lot of volleyball.

I love that she is fit and gets lots of exercise, but I watch a lot of volleyball, and I do mean a lot.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love it, but after a while the games kind of start to look alike. My daughter is a setter, so she often does the same motions over and over again, and it can be a little hypnotizing, but every now and then something happens that breaks up the monotony a little.

A lot of play goes on right at the net, and there can be a lot of action with players hitting, blocking and setting, and it can be hard to tell what's going on when people get bunched up there.

It doesn't happen ofter since she is the setter, but, every now and then, my daughter gets to hit the ball over the net(as opposed to setting it). Hitting is actually a very complicated process that requires timing and strength not only to hit the ball hard, but to get up high enough to get the ball over the net.

One day, it kinda went wrong.

It was a very large, crowded tournament with courts and people as far as the eye could see. During one very intense, close game, my daughter's team was battling it out with another team to determine placement in a championship bracket.

Every point was being hotly contested and tempers were flaring. The play was at the net, and she had a great opportunity to get up there and kill the ball for the score.

She's got a great jump, but something went wrong on the ascent, the descent or something.

In one swift motion, she moved forward, hit the net and was clothes lined, cartoon style. Somehow, as she went down, she took a player on the other side of the net down with her, and they were left in a heap on the floor (no one was injured).

Play stopped, and it had gathered attention even from the neighboring courts. Everyone looked at the referee for a call because it was an important play.

After a few moments, the serious, very intense official says, "I have no idea what just happened. I have never seen anything like that, we're just going to start that one over."

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