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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Samsung Powerfoam Technology $100 Best Buy gift card giveaway

Ah, laundry.

It's just a few clothes run through a couple of machines, right? How much time could that take? After all, the machines do all the work, and we just move the clothes from one spot to another.

Yeah, right.

Laundry is a never ending task around our house. We generate a lot of dirty laundry, and most, (but not all) is legitimate. You know what I'm talking about, the pair of pants that your kid looked at and decided to put in the hamper instead of back in the closet? I don't call that "legitimately dirty".

Our kids are in several different sports and not only do they generate a lot of dirty clothes, more often than not, there are tough stains involved. Combine that with yard work clothes, play clothes and just general daily living clothes (not to mention the towels...oh, the towels, and here we are on the verge of what I call "towel consumption season"...), you get a lot of loads of laundry.

We could do laundry every day and never be caught up. Busy Dad does a lot of the laundry, and he comes from the school of, "Wash 2-3 items at a time" (I come from the school of, "If it fits in there, you can wash it")because he's concerned that things might not get properly clean, so, we're pretty much doing laundry all the time.

If there were something sturdy (we are hard on washers and dryers, y'all)that could enable me to spend less time on laundry and still get things clean, I'd certainly be all over that.

Samsung front-load washer with Exclusive PowerFoam technology looks like it might be a contender. It's a large washer (holds 28 bath towels, my kinda machine!)so that means you'll do fewer loads and save water and electricity, too.

But, when you have such a large load, getting things thoroughly clean is a concern, and that's where the PowerFoam comes in. It makes a powerful (but safe) foam using your regular detergent that penetrates fabric more deeply and quickly, allowing you to wash large or bulky loads in less time.

Less time on laundry? OK by me!

What would I do with that extra time? I should say it would free me up to take care of the rest of the house or make homemade crafts or something. But, I think I'd probably get everyone to bed earlier, since we tend to do laundry at night and the evening schedule can get derailed. Everyone's days would probably run much more smoothly if we had more time in the evening to relax and prepare for the next day.

Now, if Samsung would just come up with something that would make the kids put their clothes away instead of sending them straight back to the laundry when they don't want to deal with them, I'd be the most well-rested person ever.


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